Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

...Hmm seems great, back home. This has been the greatest summer since I have kids. We travel a lot, They met lots of familia, they are actually speaking spanish!!! Can you believe it? Now they know what it means to be latino to be colombiano, lots of memories that I have to tell you, I Just stop by for a little but promise to do it more often now that I'm back. Now it's time to get ready for school .....

Monday, May 17, 2010

God is in control!!

I always repeat that to myself. It's been a challenging last couple of weeks. Lots of decisions, tears, hopes and praises. And from all of this God is glorifying Himself in everything. I'm glad to know that we decided to homeschool our children starting this August . My son will be in 8th grade and my daughter in 6th. Am I crazy??? Not really. I Prayed. And prayed. And prayed. And God gave me the answers I need it. My kids are at peace. Actually, they like the idea. That was one of my main concerns, since they've been in private school for 5 years now, I prayed that they would like the idea , and they would share their feelings . And they did. And it was amazing. They are ready for it. OK, not really, first, they are ready for the summer, and for the trip, and for the lazy days..., but after that , they are ready for homeschooling! It's going to be a whole new world for everybody. And I like it. I like changes. I want them to experience more. God, cultures, languages, people. I want them to discover themselves, their talents, their strengths, their weakness, so they can grow in the Lord. And me? I'll be learning along the road, making mistakes and baking cookies, enjoying this time and watching them grow, exploring new worlds and teaching Spanish!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Coupons? Now I get it!!!

You can relate to me if you never ever use a coupon before. I just started this year and... I'm addicted now. It's amazing how much you can save, so now I want to start teaching you the basics about couponing.
How to get coupons-Easy-
I just started my collection out of Sunday's newspaper.In my house they already know "you better don't touch the inserts before mami does!" and, if I like certain coupon to use it more than one time, I just go to the nearest Walgreens to get another copy .-just be sure to check for the inserts before you buy it-.
Also you can go to, Red Plum and Smart Source.
If you want to know the truth,that is my ... how you call it again? debilidad? OK , weakness! But you know what? I been liking these couponing thing so much that I'm organizing them really good , let me give you some tips:
1. Get a index card box, a binder , or something you feel more comfortable with to store them- I actually started with an envelope and evolve to the coupon box.
2. After you decide about where you want to store your coupons you want to start classifying them:Groceries, frozen food, cleaning supplies, beauty and bath, restaurants and miscellaneous.
3. Pharmacies coupons are different. I just keep them in a whole separate box. Sabes por que? And this will be another posting. That's where you get the store cash rewards that you can use in a later purchase.
4. Make a grocery-coupon list before you go to the store. Try to use as many coupons as you can and start a weekly or monthly menu planner, that way you know what you need for that time period and you don't have to run to the store at the last minute and spend more $$$ that you want.
Play by the rules
Know the store policies before you go and use your coupons. Some stores let you double your coupons,(that's why you should buy more than one newspaper if you like the coupon) other stores accept competitors coupons, so do the homework and you will see how much you are going to save monthly.
Come back and tell me your coupon story or tip you have.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who change the destination? Part 2

...And the day came. Perfect. Not too long not too short."You have a girl!" Excitement, joy, blessed.But...wait,"Where is she?" somebody answer: "Regular check-up" okay... Time passed. Does it take that long? I knew it! my maternal instincts were telling me. Pediatrician came in and started talking to my husband and I, and then everything seemed dull,colorless. I was numb, "what is she talking about?".
I went home 2 days after delivery but without my daughter, she needed to stay in the NICU so they could monitor her and made a bunch of tests. The destination was change. I got home and it felt cold, empty, sad. The only thing in my mind was my little baby lying on a little crib with a bunch of machines attached to her.It wasn't real. That night we went to bed, there wasn't too many words.
After one week my baby daughter was discharged from the hospital. It felt so good. I didn't care if she was sick ,I have her with me. I didn't have to make those trips to the hospital anymore. I didn't have to leave my son behind(he was only 2). We got home and we were happy.Nothing really matter anymore , she was with us. Let's don't think about her condition for now. And we rested...for the night.

See also: Who change the destination Part I

Monday, May 3, 2010

More than a gift- Más que un regalo

We went today with my little one to mommy and me class.He loved it. At the end the teacher ask us: "what do you want for mother's day?" Here we go. Dinner, jewelery, a day at the mall, spa...Now, I think: How about the simplest gifts: the cuddling at bed on Sunday morning, a walk by the beach chasing three blessings, laughing together, eating together , enjoying these years that are passing so fast...sometimes I would like them to be slower, but I know, that besides all things the moments I enjoy with them are the ones that are going to keep me alive when I'll be older.

Hoy fuimos a la clase de mamá y yo con mi pequeño. A el le encanta. Al final de la clase la profesora nos preguntó:"Que quieren para el día de la madre?" Aca vamos. Comida, joyería, un día en el mall, spa...Y ahora me pregunto: que tal esos regalos mas simples.Quedarnos en la cama el domingo en la mañana, una caminada por la playa corriendo detras de mis tres bendiciones, reirnos juntos, comer juntos, disfrutar estos años que estan pasando tan rápido... algunas veces quisiera que pasaran mas despacio... pero yo se,que a pesar de todo, esos momentos que ahora disfruto con mis hijos son los que me van a mantener viva cuando este mas vieja.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Full Agenda!

... and time is running out...

In a little more than a month I'll be looking at these amazing mountains, full of life, of colors , of culture.Culture that I left behind 15 years ago. "It's a whole new place" friends often told me. I know everything change, but I still remember the people, the aroma, the friendliness, the folklore, the food( ooh! how much I missed it). And I know that hasn't change.
But now back to reality: In a little more than a month... and I still have million things to do , let's started for the tradition of bringing something to the family. Of course. Mom, Dad , siblings and their families, nieces, nephews, uncles, list never ends with these Latin families.OK now , my husband had the great idea "Let's do one per family" . Great. Now I just have to focus between 10 to 15 gifts!
Second in the list: kids need to finish school , you know, science fair, end of the year musical, field trips. And me? I have to make up my mind . I'm in the middle of deciding to do homeschool next year. Bilingual Homeschool. Que tal?

En un poco más de un mes estaré viendo estas montañas tan maravillosas, llenas de vida, de colores, de cultura. Cultura que dejé atras hace 15 años. "Es un sitio nuevo" mis amigos me dicen. Y lo sé, pero todavía recuerdo su gente, su aroma, su amistad, su folclor, su comida(oohh! como la extraño) Y yo sé que eso no ha cambiado.
Pero ahora volvamos a la realidad: en poco más de un mes...y todavía tengo un millon de cosas por hacer. Empezemos por la tradicion de llevarle algo a la familia. Por supuesto. Mama, Papa, hermanos y sus familias, sobrinos, tí lista nunca termina. Ahora mi esposo tuvo una buena idea "Llevemos uno por familia" Grandioso.Ahora solo me tengo que concentrar en comprar entre 10 y 15 regalos.
Segundo en la lista: los niños necesitan terminar la escuela. Feria de la ciencia. Musical de fin de año, paseos. Y yo? Tengo que decidirme. Estoy mirando si hago homeschool el proximo año. Homeschool bilingue. How about that?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who change the destination? Part I

Have you got that feeling of excitement when you get to your destination, after months of planning that special trip, the dreaming about it,the places you want to see? It's a whole mix of emotions.Happiness,laughter, enjoyment.
Don't you think is the same when you got pregnant? After months of waiting, planing, the dreaming about your baby , how she/he is going to look like. It's a whole mix of emotions. Happiness, laughter, enjoyment, and blessedness.
But what if in that trip the destination is change? You were prepared ,right? You had a plan , right? so now what happened? what do you do?
I felt like that when my daughter was born . Nowhere to go , nobody to turn to. Why? because I never heard about that. Tetralogy of Fallot .Who change my destination?
From then on it started the most amazing journey of ups and downs , a journey full of new destinations. And the best one of all: Getting to know God and having a relationship with Him , knowing that in His plan everything was perfect and that He was in control of everything.