Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Full Agenda!

... and time is running out...

In a little more than a month I'll be looking at these amazing mountains, full of life, of colors , of culture.Culture that I left behind 15 years ago. "It's a whole new place" friends often told me. I know everything change, but I still remember the people, the aroma, the friendliness, the folklore, the food( ooh! how much I missed it). And I know that hasn't change.
But now back to reality: In a little more than a month... and I still have million things to do , let's started for the tradition of bringing something to the family. Of course. Mom, Dad , siblings and their families, nieces, nephews, uncles, list never ends with these Latin families.OK now , my husband had the great idea "Let's do one per family" . Great. Now I just have to focus between 10 to 15 gifts!
Second in the list: kids need to finish school , you know, science fair, end of the year musical, field trips. And me? I have to make up my mind . I'm in the middle of deciding to do homeschool next year. Bilingual Homeschool. Que tal?

En un poco más de un mes estaré viendo estas montañas tan maravillosas, llenas de vida, de colores, de cultura. Cultura que dejé atras hace 15 años. "Es un sitio nuevo" mis amigos me dicen. Y lo sé, pero todavía recuerdo su gente, su aroma, su amistad, su folclor, su comida(oohh! como la extraño) Y yo sé que eso no ha cambiado.
Pero ahora volvamos a la realidad: en poco más de un mes...y todavía tengo un millon de cosas por hacer. Empezemos por la tradicion de llevarle algo a la familia. Por supuesto. Mama, Papa, hermanos y sus familias, sobrinos, tí lista nunca termina. Ahora mi esposo tuvo una buena idea "Llevemos uno por familia" Grandioso.Ahora solo me tengo que concentrar en comprar entre 10 y 15 regalos.
Segundo en la lista: los niños necesitan terminar la escuela. Feria de la ciencia. Musical de fin de año, paseos. Y yo? Tengo que decidirme. Estoy mirando si hago homeschool el proximo año. Homeschool bilingue. How about that?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who change the destination? Part I

Have you got that feeling of excitement when you get to your destination, after months of planning that special trip, the dreaming about it,the places you want to see? It's a whole mix of emotions.Happiness,laughter, enjoyment.
Don't you think is the same when you got pregnant? After months of waiting, planing, the dreaming about your baby , how she/he is going to look like. It's a whole mix of emotions. Happiness, laughter, enjoyment, and blessedness.
But what if in that trip the destination is change? You were prepared ,right? You had a plan , right? so now what happened? what do you do?
I felt like that when my daughter was born . Nowhere to go , nobody to turn to. Why? because I never heard about that. Tetralogy of Fallot .Who change my destination?
From then on it started the most amazing journey of ups and downs , a journey full of new destinations. And the best one of all: Getting to know God and having a relationship with Him , knowing that in His plan everything was perfect and that He was in control of everything.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Crocodile- El Cocodrilo

I couldn't read this book to my little one without laughing. He loves it.It's so simple for his age , yet I can do all kind of silly faces and tickle him every time I said the colors. I been reading it for a couple weeks and believe me, I memorize it already. So go ahead practice the colors and have a happy reading!
No pueo leer este libro a mi hijo sin reirme.Le encanta. Es bien simple para su edad pero yo me divierto haciendole toda clase de caras y lo hago reir. Lo he venido leyendo hace un par de semanas y ya lo memorize. Asi que adelante ,practica los colores y pasa un buen tiempo leyendo!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free sample af Aveda hand relief- Cupon para muestra gratis de crema Aveda

I found this pretty nice offer with this coupon. You can redeem it at any Aveda retailer, while supplies last. The offer ends 6/30/2010.
Encontre esta oferta. Lo puedes hacer en cualquier tienda de Aveda. La oferta termina 6/30/2010 o hasta que se agoten las existencias.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandma's Coconut Popsicles- Los Helados de Coco de la Abuela

Sometimes my kids cannot find anything to eat even though I just did grocery shopping. I'm trying to have healthy options available for them . Since I'm in a budget I'm trying to make all the snacks myself, so yesterday I remembered about these coconut Popsicles my grandma used to make that my kids love.

1 can condensed milk ( I prefer La Lechera) - 1 lata leche condensada
1 can evaporated milk- 1 lata leche evaporada
1 can whole milk - 1 lata de leche entera
1/2 can coconut milk - 1/2 lata leche de coco
Shredded coconut that I don't measure I just add as much as I want - coco rallado
Mix all the ingredients and pour them in little plastic cups - Mezcle los ingredientes
When finished put craft sticks in each cup- Pongale palitos de madera a cada vaso
Put them in the freezer for a couple of hours . Metalos al freezer por unas horas
Enjoy them!!- Disfrutalos!!

** Did you know coconut is a natural stress buster??
** Sabias que el coco combate naturalmente el stress??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here we are!

But let everyone who trusts you be happy; let them sing glad songs forever . Protect those who loved you and who are happy because of you. Psalm 5:11

Aca estamos. Here we are. Today I'm ready. To praise God. To share His story through my life. To share some tips, some cooking , sometimes Latin, other times new creations. Some Spanish and a lot of experiences with a teenager boy , a tween girl and a toddler boy.

Pero alegrense todos los que en ti confian; de voces de jubilo para siempre, porque tu los defiendes; en ti se regocijen los que aman tu nombre. Salmos 5:11

Aca estamos. Hoy estoy lista. Para alabar a Dios. Para compartir Su historia a traves de mi vida. Para compartir consejos, recetas latinas y otras veces nuevas creaciones. Algo de español y muchas experiencias con un joven adolescente, una niña pre-adolescente , y un niño pequeño.