Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who change the destination? Part I

Have you got that feeling of excitement when you get to your destination, after months of planning that special trip, the dreaming about it,the places you want to see? It's a whole mix of emotions.Happiness,laughter, enjoyment.
Don't you think is the same when you got pregnant? After months of waiting, planing, the dreaming about your baby , how she/he is going to look like. It's a whole mix of emotions. Happiness, laughter, enjoyment, and blessedness.
But what if in that trip the destination is change? You were prepared ,right? You had a plan , right? so now what happened? what do you do?
I felt like that when my daughter was born . Nowhere to go , nobody to turn to. Why? because I never heard about that. Tetralogy of Fallot .Who change my destination?
From then on it started the most amazing journey of ups and downs , a journey full of new destinations. And the best one of all: Getting to know God and having a relationship with Him , knowing that in His plan everything was perfect and that He was in control of everything.

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