Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who change the destination? Part 2

...And the day came. Perfect. Not too long not too short."You have a girl!" Excitement, joy, blessed.But...wait,"Where is she?" somebody answer: "Regular check-up" okay... Time passed. Does it take that long? I knew it! my maternal instincts were telling me. Pediatrician came in and started talking to my husband and I, and then everything seemed dull,colorless. I was numb, "what is she talking about?".
I went home 2 days after delivery but without my daughter, she needed to stay in the NICU so they could monitor her and made a bunch of tests. The destination was change. I got home and it felt cold, empty, sad. The only thing in my mind was my little baby lying on a little crib with a bunch of machines attached to her.It wasn't real. That night we went to bed, there wasn't too many words.
After one week my baby daughter was discharged from the hospital. It felt so good. I didn't care if she was sick ,I have her with me. I didn't have to make those trips to the hospital anymore. I didn't have to leave my son behind(he was only 2). We got home and we were happy.Nothing really matter anymore , she was with us. Let's don't think about her condition for now. And we rested...for the night.

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